Chess Museum

The Chess Museum was founded in 2014. In 1980-2009, the exhibition area was located in the Central Chess Club small room of 30 square meters. Since autumn 2014, the Chess Museum exhibition has been moved to a new area of 180 square meters, and now it occupies three halls of the mansion.

The Chess Museum collection includes everything connected to the ancient and yet ever young game: cups and trophies won by Russian grandmasters; chess-related paintings, sketches, caricatures, etchings and lithographs. Visitors can also see portrait sculptures of great masters who devoted themselves to chess, photographs of chess champions and numerous chess sets created in the 18th–20th centuries in different countries.

The Chess Museum collection can be divided into two parts: chess from different ages and nations and cups won by Russian chess players. Chess made of silver, mahogany, sandal, mother-of-pearl, glass, birchbark and wire (made in GULag) as well as old paintings, etchings and photographs combined with the guide’s narration make us think that our lives revolve around chess.

The tours around the Museum are conducted by the guide of the Central Chess Club Tatyana Kolesnikovich.

On Tuesdays – from 2 PM
On Thursdays – from 2 and 5 PM

It is open to groups up to 15 people.

Tel.: +7 495 212 06 13

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